7 May 2022 [wallets]

akimayumi releases Mainnet APK for 'Shruum' wallet

akimayumi1 has released a Mainnet APK2 for the alpha-state Shruum3 Monero wallet:

There is now an APK available on my website. Below the downloads there are SHA256 hashes for each file, signed with the PGP key on the site, which is the same key used to sign my git commits.4

Shruum is a Monerujo fork without the bloat, according to its maintainer.

To learn more about the project, consult my previous report5.

  1. https://git.mayumi.one/mayumi 

  2. https://mayumi.one/ (clearnet), http://muxillqtju4w44zb5creqezvmuw7qcar4zlseeyhuci4rfaoenh4auad.onion/ (onion) 

  3. https://git.mayumi.one/mayumi/shruum 

  4. https://libredd.it/ujwiag/ 

  5. /akimayumi-forks-monerujo-shruum-wallet/