4 May 2022 | Updated 16 Mar 2023 [services]

Zombie Master announces 'Xmrstarter' hosted crowdfunding platform for Monero

Zombie Master1 has announced Xmrstarter2, a hosted crowdfunding platform for Monero:

for people interested in an user-friendly, non-custodial crowdfunding site for monero [..]3

Currently there is only one active funding campaign on the website, to release the source code of the Xmrstarter project as FOSS, with a 99 XMR target4.

Note that the project is currently in a testing stage and there is a listing fee of 0.005 XMR (~$1) that was introduced to fight spam, according to Zombie Master.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 22/5/5: plowsof clarified that their xmr-wishlist-aaS is not connected to this project, removed reference.

Update 22/5/7: Zombie Master stated that plowsof was initially affiliated with the project, but is no longer affiliated with xmrstarter5.

Update 22/9/9: source available on Gitlab6.

Update 23/3/16: signup is now free (thanks to plowsof for the update).

  1. @zombie_master:halogen.city (Matrix) 

  2. https://xmrstarter.com/ 

  3. #monero:monero.social (Matrix) 

  4. https://xmrstarter.com/xmr/campaign/9cce0b893d9b42d5b2c0ebcc863b14e9 

  5. https://matrix.to/#/!psOvWRiQkyosOPKvaO:matrix.org/$8IV_vBvVa3vp2XdNf6IbVMm4cqrvnpABN5Mgulcpf6c?via=matrix.org&via=monero.social&via=halogen.city 

  6. https://gitlab.com/zombie_master/xmrstarter