16 May 2024 [services]

zia_tim launches LocalMonero alternative 'Trade in Monero'

zia_tim1 has announced2 the launch of Trade in Monero (tim)3, an onion-only alternative to the defunct4 LocalMonero5 platform, which aims to be a secure gateway between Monero buyers and sellers:

Hi fellow XMR users, here is my (simple) contribution to the community [..] It is still beta version, do not hesitate to test, find bugs and errors, and report them to me

Makers on tim are charged a 1% arbitration protection fee.

It is worth noting that personal information is retained as long as it is necessary and tim may at any time require users to complete an ID verification process and also submit additional identification documents. Consult the Terms section6 for more info.

Note that the platform is in beta and the code is (apparently) not open source. Only test with small amounts that you can afford to lose.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

  1. https://matrix.to/#/@zia_tim:matrix.org 

  2. https://libera.monerologs.net/monero/20240516#c378057 

  3. (onion) http://timappziaaomrpyiivzijuat4obusumxoipcrw5rinugcfq4bffuenad.onion/ 

  4. /localmonero-agoradesk-to-shut-down-november-7-2024/ 

  5. https://localmonero.co/ 

  6. http://timappziaaomrpyiivzijuat4obusumxoipcrw5rinugcfq4bffuenad.onion/?terms