31 Oct 2021 [mining]

xmrvsbeast announces HR boost system for low hash P2Pool miners

xmrvsbeast1 has announced2 a hash rate boost system3 that aims to help low hash P2Pool miners:

You register your wallet addess and p2pool node, the system works down the list of registered miners and gives a boost to each if conditions are met.

Make sure to open the stratum port (3333) to your p2pool node in your router and firewall so the remote miners can send you the HR!


More details about the current boost hash rate, remaining round time and recent boosts can be found on the website3.

To get started with P2Pool4, consult the Github repository5.

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  3. https://xmrvsbeast.com/p2pool  2

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  5. https://github.com/SChernykh/p2pool#how-to-mine-p2pool