11 Mar 2022 [merchants]

xmrSale v2 released with support for random public nodes over tor

xmrSale1’s anonymous developer2 has released v23 of the lightweight Monero payment processor, which comes with support for random public nodes over tor:

With our latest update, we’ve made xmrsale even easier, more affordable and still private to run: [xmrsale v2] Lightweight Mode - Use random public nodes over tor

xmrsale can now run without the requirement of hosting your own monero node.4


Lightweight Mode - Use random public nodes over tor
Streamlined setup command which creates wallet and displays seed
Script monitoring wallet-rpc status
Simplified configuration and startup UX
Bug fixes, verbosity changes, doc updates

To learn more about the project, consult the associated CCS proposal5, the latest GH commits67 and my previous report8.

To see xmrSale in action, check out the widget9 and the webstore10 demos.

Note that the project is still in very early development and the Docker image is currently broken.

The dev is planning to create installation videos and build additional e-commerce plugins for the software next.

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