26 Dec 2021 [mining]

'XMRig for Android' Pre-Alpha 0.0.7 released

garrylachman1 has released the Pre-Alpha 0.0.72 for his Android GUI miner xmrig-for-android3.


Pool configurations username & password help text added by @garrylachman in #38
Validate if the configuration name already exists by @garrylachman in #39
Issue 37 randomx default light mode by @garrylachman in #40
Change Advance to Advanced by @garrylachman in #41

The app has been released to a closed testing in Google Play Store and the dev is currently looking for some community feedback4:

We need beta testers from the community, the people that care about Monero.

To read more about the project, consult the associated bounty5.

  1. https://github.com/garrylachman 

  2. https://github.com/XMRig-for-Android/xmrig-for-android/releases/tag/0.0.7 

  3. https://github.com/XMRig-for-Android/xmrig-for-android 

  4. https://libredd.it/r/XMRigForAndroid/comments/romvli/ 

  5. /cryptogrampy-proposes-android-xmrig-gui-miner-app-bounty/