31 May 2024 [services]

XMRBazaar Monero P2P platform ready for beta testers

The new XMRBazaar1 - a KYC-free Monero P2P platform that connects buyers and sellers of goods and services2 similar to Craigslist - is now ready for beta testers3:

XmrBazaar.com is live for beta testing. Come try it out and Earn your first xmr on the platform peer to peer by ordering @DouglasTuman a pizza. [..]

Note that the website is currently password-protected. Use the following credentials to access it:

User: beta
Pass: tester

Join #xmr-bazaar4 on Matrix to get involved and learn more about the project.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

  1. https://xmrbazaar.com/ 

  2. https://xmrbazaar.com/terms/ 

  3. https://farside.link/nitter/xmrbazaar/status/1795655177602822531 

  4. https://matrix.to/#/#xmr-bazaar:monero.social