17 Aug 2021 [guides]

XMR <-> BTC atomic swaps are live on mainnet, Seth demonstrates

The long wait is over: XMR <-> BTC atomic swaps are now live on mainnet. This1 probably is one of the biggest events in Monero history. And it affects Bitcoin as well, obviously.

Monero contributor Seth2 just completed his first mainnet atomic swap, essentially selling XMR for BTC in a peer-to-peer, trustless and private trade over Tor with the use of COMIT network’s open source tools3.

You can follow Seth’s amazing guide4 and start swapping today.

XMR Core ArcticMine’s comment5 on the implication of combining Bitcoin’s upcoming Taproot privacy upgrade with the XMR-BTC atomic swap existing funcitonality is at the very least exciting:

The implication here is that it is not possible to tell on the Bitcoin side that an atomic swap with Monero actually took place. So while Taproot by itself will not make Bitcoin private, Taproot when combined with Monero atomic swaps can throw a real monkey wrench into blockchain surveillance on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The future is now, indeed. Finally some great news.

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