4 Jul 2024 [dev]

woodser releases monero-ts v0.9.9

woodser1 has just released monero-ts2 library version 0.9.93 with various fixes, updates and improvements:

Changes overview

fix failed to parse url in nextjs by @0-don #205
fix documentation for wallet rpc getBalances() #177
add 'web-worker' to nodejs externals
add default rpc error message when missing
keep best connection if not enough data
TaskLooper does not target fixed period by default
move documentation section above using in your project
handle exceptions in scan_txs by adding to whitelist
start monerod and monero-wallet-rpc from cmd in english
Other updates to documentation and tests. [..]

The full changelog is available on Github4.

It is worth mentioning that woodser is also working5 on building Haveno DEX6.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.