21 Jan 2022 [services]

Winston69 develops 'Monerochan' Discord bot

Winston691 has developed a Monerochan2 Discord bot that aims to help newcomers:

The aim of the Monerochan bot is to help newcomers get started with Monero by providing the information in an easily accessible manner on a popular platform.

The script is open source but the repository doesn’t yet contain a README.

The announcement thread3 lists some of its features:

Offer advice to newcomers
Display guides on topics such buying XMR, mining, creating wallets etc.
Send links to many software wallets.
Send some Monerochan art.
Display the current price of XMR in USD and BTC.
Convert an amount XMR to USD and vice versa, same with XMR and BTC.
Detect certain phrases such as "Hi Monerochan" or "<3"

Note that the software has not yet been audited. Inspect the code4 before using, if you can read Java.

  1. https://gitlab.com/Winston69/ 

  2. https://gitlab.com/Winston69/discord-monerochan-bot 

  3. https://libredd.it/s99hjt/ 

  4. https://gitlab.com/Winston69/discord-monerochan-bot/-/tree/master/src/main/java/MonerochanBot