5 Oct 2021 | Updated 6 Oct 2021 [culture]

Willing_Astronaut430 tracks BCH transaction in under 12 hours and collects XMR bounty

Willing_Astronaut4301 has succesfully tracked a Bitcoin Cash transaction ID2 in less than 12 hours and collected the associated $20 XMR bounty2 from fatalglory3:

Ladies and gentlemen… we have a winner! DM me an XMR address to claim your prize. The answer was d9c4ec5129eea9c58e28d3e5b646065f2e26808bc1dcd19f6484e7ae9b7fa62f.

That’s alarming. It took less than 12 hours for someone to win it! I would be MOST appreciative if you could tell me what led you to the right TX?

According to the winner, it took a lot less than 12 hours to accomplish this:

I found it with I would say less than an hour of my time. And really it’s more about the community than the money I wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t paid.

He assures the community that more details about the methods he used to find the correct transaction ID will be released soon:

It’s was relatively easy and simple and I must say I’ve never worked with the BCH blockchain before. I perhaps cheated in a sense it was not purely chain analysis. I will post a more detailed guide of my working tonight [..]

UPDATE: Willing_Astronaut430 shared4 his details about his detective work today.

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