4 Mar 2022 | Updated 26 Apr 2022 [services]

Waves.Exchange to delist Monero, ZEC and Dash, users advised to withdraw coins before May 8th or risk forfeiture

Waves.Exchange1 has announced2 plans to delist Monero, Zcash and Dash and advised users to withdraw their coins before May 8th 2022 or risk forfeiture:

These tokens will soon be delisted from Waves.Exchange. Their depositing will be terminated on March 9, 2022. If you have any XMR, Dash or ZEC, we recommend withdrawing them no later than May 8, 11am UTC otherwise you will lose your coins.


  1. Deposits halt: March 9th 2022
  2. Withdrawals halt: May 8th (11 AM UTC) 2022

You can discuss this announcement on r/CryptoCurrency3.

The trading platform has not yet provided any reason for this action.

I will update the report with the relevant information if Waves.Exchange replies to Monero Observer’s inquiries.

Update: Waves.Exchange Legal team has replied to Monero Observer inquiries4.