26 Apr 2022 [services]

Waves.Exchange Legal team: 'The anonymity of Monero coin puts us at security risk'

Waves.Exchange1 Legal team has replied to Monero Observer inquiries related to their previously reported2 plans to delist Monero:

Dear -3RA (Monero.Observer), The anonymity of Monero coin puts us at security risk. According to ToU, we have the right at any time and in our sole discretion to discontinue any listed tokens in case we suspect a security risk or due to other reasons at our discretion.

Coins not withdrawn before May 8th 2022 are risking forfeiture. To learn more about this story, consult my previous report2.

Note: despite Wave’s prompt reply (within 7 days), this MO report was delayed mainly due to cTemplar access issues and the fact that emails are sometimes buried deep in the spam folder. This story will be updated if/when new information is available.