23 Sep 2021 [culture]

w1ck3dAF challenges the community to a small stakes XMR poker game

w1ck3dAF1 has challenged2 the Monero community to a small stakes poker game on XMR.poker3:

Looking to organize a small stakes game to test out the site and get some games going. Reply in the comments and let’s play!

XMR.poker uses torpoker4, an open-source python poker client application that can be used to play Texas Hold’em No-Limit 6-max cash games using XMR as the currency.

A BTC torpoker site is available at Torpoker.gg5.

For XMR there is also a microstakes public server available6 where 1 chip = 0.000001 XMR.

Since there are so many different addresses, you might want to verify the authenticity of each link by using the digitally signed cleartext message7.

Players can join the action by playing in the browser (onion servers available) or using the app. There’s also an option to rent a private server to play with friends and without rake.

Here is a list of features8:

As with any experimental non-audited code, it is important to proceed with caution and only test it at micro or small stakes.

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  3. https://xmr.poker/ 

  4. https://github.com/torpoker/app/releases 

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