5 Dec 2021 | Updated 15 Dec 2021 [security] [pinned]

Vulnerabilities identified in Monero multisignature wallet code

According1 to Monero Core Team member binaryFate2, some vulnerabilities have been identified in the implementation of Monero multisignature wallets code:

These vulnerabilities affect (i) multisignature wallet creation and (ii) multisignature transaction signing. They can lead to funds being stolen by one of the signing parties.

Until a fix is released, it is not recommended for users to perform any multisignature transaction unless all signing parties can be trusted:

If all signing parties cannot be trusted, no transaction should be attempted. Funds are not at risk if they are not moved and if the wallet-creation process was not abused.

The vulnerabilities were initially disclosed and discussed via the Vulnerability Response Process3.

Update: added link to getmonero.org announcement1.

Update 12/15: multisig fixes PR #8114 submitted (not yet merged)4.

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