9 Nov 2022 [culture]

Haveno Core Team: ErCiccione out, Vik Sharma in

ErCiccione1 has announced2 that he is leaving the Haveno3 Core Team due to divergences between him and Woodser4, the project’s lead developer:

[..] the way we see the project became too big for me to be able to continue to work on Haveno. I’m leaving the Haveno core team effective immediately.

Cake Labs5 founder Vik Sharma6 will replace Erciccione and take over his project responsibilities, which includes managing the social media accounts and Haveno infrastructure:

Everything will continue. Additionally, Cake will cover the CCS shortfall for the completion of the UI. That will be our continued donation to the project. (Vik)7

To better understand the current state of Haveno, consult the most recent Monero Observer reports89.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

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