29 Oct 2023 | Updated 31 Oct 2023 [culture]

User claims ~108 XMR transfer to Monero General Fund was 'wrong copy/paste'

An anonymous Reddit account (RecordingShot83771) is looking to retrieve 108.4211455 XMR (~$17.5K USD)2 that they claim was accidentally sent from LocalMonero to the Monero General Fund address3:

By mistake i made a withdrawal from localmonero over 10k to [GF]. Is there anyway to get in touch with the getmonero.org support and Maby retrive the funds it was a wrong copy/paste

The transfer alert was tweeted by plowsof’s monero-fund-watch4 Python script earlier today:

💝 +108.4211455 #xmr 💝 $17532.785

The Monero Core team has previously returned funds that were mistakenly sent to the GF, as reported6.

It is worth noting that the user has not yet provided any proof of payment.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: the user is apparently in touch with binaryFate and the issue should be resolved soon7.

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