3 Mar 2022 [dev] [bounties]

UkoeHB wins bounty as Haveno-sponsored multisig PR #7877 is merged into Monero

UkoeHB1 has won a $1K bounty2 after the Haveno3-sponsored multisig pull request #78774 was merged5 into Monero:

The work we sponsored for improving #Monero’s multisig implementation just got merged! This will be a huge improvement to anyone using multisignatures, not only Haveno! Thanks UkoeHB for working on this!6

The resulting significant improvement to Monero’s multisig7 implementation will affect the upcoming Haveno DEX3, the new RINO8 wallet and any other existing and future projects in the Monero ecosystem that use multisignatures.

This was made possible by everyone who has been contributing to this PR for the past ~6 months, by testing, documenting and reviewing the code: rbrunner79, erciccione10, iamamyth11, moneromooo12, h4sh3d13, vtnerd14 and tmoravec15. Changes were approved by selsta16 and finally merged by luigi111117.

UkoeHB is currently looking for help (reviews/tests) with a new Monero pull request (#8203)18 that aims to optimize multisig account creation. There is an active Haveno bounty19 on this issue as well.

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