1 Apr 2023 | Updated 15 Apr 2023 [CCS]

UkoeHB submits new CCS proposal for Seraphis 'ongoing support'

UkoeHB1 has submitted a new CCS proposal2 for Seraphis ongoing support, with a primary focus on updating the Seraphis paper draft3:

In the previous CCS I refined the seraphis library to a satisfying state. It can now be considered in ‘final draft’ form. [..] There are additional tasks I would like to work on. [..] I will split the current draft into two papers, one focused on the core Seraphis abstraction and the other focused on the current implementation using Jamtis.

Total funding: 163.70 XMR (60 USD + 0.4 XMR rate).

ETA: TBD (240hrs total).

Tasks overview

To learn more about UkoeHB’s work, consult the most recent dev update4, the Preliminary Seraphis Design Overview5 document, and the previous Monero Observer report6.

To share your feedback, ask questions and support this proposal, consult !3842.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: proposal moved to funding stage7.