24 Feb 2022 | Updated 26 Mar 2022 [CCS]

MRL's UkoeHB submits Seraphis wallet PoC CCS proposal

MRL1’s UkoeHB2 has submitted a new CCS proposal3 that aims to build a Seraphis4 wallet proof-of-concept:

These tasks will be implemented in my seraphis_lib branch. [..] Build a wallet proof-of-concept that demonstrates all the ‘transaction engineering’ capabilities and implementation modularity of Seraphis/Jamtis.

Total funding: 81.4 XMR (50 USD + 0.2 XMR Rate).

ETA: TBD (8 weeks @ 20hr/wk = 160hrs).

Tasks overview

UkoeHB has previously contributed to Monero by co-authoring Zero to Monero (1st5 and 2nd6 edition) and submitting several MRL & Monero core issues and PR’s7. To learn more, consult the dev’s previous CCS proposal8.

To share your feedback, ask questions and support this proposal, consult !2903.

Update 22/3/14: moved to funding9.

Update 22/3/26: fully funded10.

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