3 Jan 2022 | Updated 8 Jan 2022 [research]

UkoeHB invites community input on radical proposal to eliminate Monero's '10-block-lock'

MRL’s UkoeHB1 has invited the community to discuss a rather radical proposal2 to eliminate Monero’s 10-block-lock security mechanism:

This is a proposal for eliminating Monero’s 10-block-lock, which prevents users from spending outputs until they are 10 blocks old.

If you are reading this, please first look at it academically before dismissing it out of hand. Yes, the drawbacks may be too severe, but before passing final judgement I would like a useful discussion.


If implemented, this would be a major change for the Monero ecosystem.

Exchanges like Localmonero and Haveno would be able to deliver a better UX as users would not have to wait 10 blocks (~20 minutes) before spending the received coins.

However, there are some real drawbacks that the community needs to evaluate first:

This is obviously a compromise between usability and privacy:

This offers a compromise between fast-spends and minimizing the damage those fast-spends can do to ring signature effectiveness.

But would a change so radical also eliminate Monero’s privacy by default property and is this indeed a step in the right direction from a cypherpunk perspective?

The discussion is on-going. Post your comments on Github in MRL #952.

Update: tevador3 explores Dummy transaction inputs4 idea to mandate all transactions to have 16 outputs.

Update 1/8: add link to ArticMine’s perspective (on Monerotopia Ep.47)5.

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