28 Jan 2022 [wallets]

Trezor quickly backtracks on AOPP integration after backlash, promises to remove support in February 2022

Trezor1 has backtracked2 on the integration of Address Ownership Proof Protocol into their product after community backlash3 and is now promising to remove all AOPP support in February 20224:

After careful consideration of recent feedback, we will be removing Address Ownership Proof Protocol (AOPP) in the next Trezor Suite update.

We underestimated how this feature would be received, and we are against the regulations that concern AOPP.

Our company operates with maximum transparency and we did not expect this feature to be controversial.

PR #48255 proposes the removal of all code related to the AOPP integration:

This PR removes AOPP support from Trezor Suite completely.

Other wallets are also planning to remove AOPP: Sparrow67 and BlueWallet8.

Samourai Wallet, the only project that vehemently refused to comply and didn’t even consider integrating AOPP, has hosted a livestream9 dedicated to discussing the issue at length:

We hosted a live discussion with our community this morning about the AOPP and the broader implications of regulatory capture of bitcoin self custody.10

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