31 Jan 2023 [wallets]

tobtoht releases Feather Wallet v2.3.0

tobtoht1 has released Feather Wallet2 version 2.3.034 with several improvements and fixes.

Changes overview

The complete list of changes can be found on the Changelog5 page.

A GPG-signed list of the hashes6 is available on the official website and the release signing key can be downloaded from multiple locations7.

Feather is 100% community-sponsored and you can support development efforts by transferring any XMR amount to the project’s donation address8 or by accessing Help → Donate to Feather in the wallet.

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  2. https://featherwallet.org/ 

  3. https://featherwallet.org/download/ 

  4. https://github.com/feather-wallet/feather/releases/tag/2.3.0 

  5. https://featherwallet.org/changelog/ 

  6. https://featherwallet.org/files/releases/hashes-2.3.0.txt 

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