20 Jul 2022 | Updated 3 Aug 2022 [CCS]

tobtoht submits CCS proposal to continue developing Feather Wallet for 3 months

tobtoht1 has submitted a new CCS proposal2 to continue development work on Feather Wallet3 for 3 more months:

This CCS proposal is for 3 months of full time Feather Wallet development.

Total funding: 162 XMR.

ETA: 3 months (TBD).

Planned work overview

tobtoht is the creator of xmrguide4 and maintainer of Feather Wallet. He has been an active contributor to the Monero ecosystem since April 2018.

To share your feedback, ask questions and support this proposal, consult !3322.

Update 22/7/25: moved to funding5.

Update 22/8/3: fully funded6.