20 Dec 2021 | Updated 23 Dec 2021 [CCS]

TNABC Miami 2022 Monero presence doubtful with 24 hours left until decision deadline

msvblab1’s recent CCS proposal2 has attracted a lot of attention, some support but also a considerable amount of skepticism.

While there were solid arguments made by both sides, the proposal’s expiry date (30 December 2021) and the conference date (mid-January 2022) have prompted Monero core team’s luigi11113 to step in and set a deadline for a decision to be made by Wednesday (22 December):

Unfortunately we don’t have a large luxury of time to make a decision, based on the dates of the conferences (and related, the self-imposed expiration of this CCS). I’d like to see this merged or rejected by Wednesday the 22nd.

Presently, given the weight of positive and negative feedback, and a strong anti-gatekeeper mentality, I lean towards merging.4

Here is why some community members are against this proposal:

Other community members including ArticMine and binaryFate are supportive of the proposal:

I fully support this proposal and in my view should be merged for funding. - ArticMine9

There is no “one” community that could agree on everything, nor is there a fixed pot of money to assign to proposals - the CCS is not zero-sum. For this reason alone, I’d like to see this proposal merged and everyone free to support it if they want. -binaryFate10

It is doubtful at this point that Monero will be represented at The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC Miami 2022)11 in this format.

To learn more about this proposal, ask questions and share your opinion, consult !2742 and my previous report12.

Update: expiration date was extended by the proposer to January 5th 202213.

Update 12/23: proposal was closed (not merged)14.

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