21 Jul 2022 [culture]

TickTock_Boom sets up Turkish Monero informative website xmr.works

TickTock_Boom1 has set up xmr.works2, a Monero informative website for Turkish people:

For now, a blog page is being prepared with a wordpress design in the back. [..] In the next period, I will prepare 2 videos.3

The website is currently using anarkiocrypto4’s beautiful theme and original content5.

  1. https://libredd.it/user/TickTock_Boom 

  2. https://xmr.works/ 

  3. https://libredd.it/w40dc4 

  4. @anarkiocrypto:halogen.city (Matrix) 

  5. https://anarkio.codeberg.page/monero/