18 Dec 2022 [culture]

TheStoicCoiner interviews Sethforprivacy in first episode of new 'Monero Magazine' podcast

TheStoicCoiner1 has published the first episode2 of the new Monero Magazine3 podcast, a short interview with Sethforprivacy4:

[..] the only real way I would say Monero has failed is if for some reason its privacy protocol was totally broken and traceable, and we couldn’t do anything about it [..] I basically don’t think that that’s a reality .. (Seth @ 24:15)

Several topics are covered in this interview, including: Layer 2’s on Monero, XMR DNM adoption, CBDC’s and social credit scores, privacy and freedom.

The Monero Magazine news sharing website5, a platform that aims to reward creators of articles with a % of revenue, is expected to launch next year.

It is worth noting that TheStoicCoiner is also the author of The Monero Standard book6.

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