20 Oct 2023 | Updated 21 Oct 2023 [mining] [pinned]

tevador releases RandomX v1.2.0

tevador1 has released a new version (1.2.0) of Monero’s proof-of-work algorithm, RandomX2, with several optimizations and important fixes, after almost 2 years of development:

Changes overview

Optimized randomx_reciprocal
Fixed UB in ARM64 JIT compiler
ARM64 JIT: don't use x18 register
Preserve const qualifier when casting
JIT compiler for RISC-V
Fixed GCC 13 compilation
RandomX commitments with double-hashing
Invalidate CPU I-cache on Apple Silicon

Several developers contributed to the release, including: hyc3, SChernykh4, selsta5, and jtgrassie6.

This version also ships with PR #2757, which increases the mining performance on RISC-V CPUs, as previously reported8. The full changelog is available on Github9.

The Monero community will celebrate 4 years of RandomX next month on November 30.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: v1.2.1 released with several other fixes and improvements10.

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