3 Dec 2021 | Updated 30 Dec 2021 [research]

tevador puts forth radical suggestion to replace Monero addresses with payment requests

tevador1 has put forth a radical suggestion2 to replace Monero addresses with payment requests in UkoeHB3’s Seraphis Address Schemes Github issue4:

There is no doubt that Seraphis will bring quite large user-facing changes regardless of which exact addressing scheme is used. It may be worthwhile to take this opportunity to rethink the paradigm and move away from addresses completely.

Although there is little doubt that this change would improve end-user experience, there are, however, some concerns over the implications of introducing DNS reliance, voiced by LocalMonero5:

[..] if most services switch to DNS-tied payment requests then that would open up a significant vector of attack. Understand the long-term implications of your proposal, especially in the context of aggressive resistance from (evil) state actors to Monero’s global adoption.6

You can join the discussion in MRL issue#927 to share your thoughts on this idea.

Update: updated JAMTIS available8 (still WiP).

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