9 Oct 2021 [jobs]

tabletoe looking to pay XMR for network security tips

tabletoe1 is looking to hire2 a network specialist to help setup his LAN securely:

I am looking for someone that knows alot about networking and firewalls using linux, pfsense experience a plus.

A. I am trying to isolate my personal routers 1 and 2 and personal devices from my roommates devices (npdevices) and isp router.

B. pRouter1 has a vpn which I will eventually turn on to secure my pdevices and prouters.

Budget is negotiable and payment is XMR-only:

Name a price for this small tutoring contract. Edit1: payment only in monero.

For more info consult the associated thread2 and read the Automoderator3 message before engaging in any kind of exchange.

Note: It seems that the same user has posted a similar thread4 in a separate subreddit using a different handle.

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