29 Jan 2022 | Updated 30 Jul 2022 [CCS]

spirobel wants to write a Monero Afghanistan expansion strategy paper

Monero enthusiast spirobel1 has submitted a CCS proposal2 to write a Monero Afghanistan expansion strategy paper:

This proposal is for a strategy paper that explores how Monero adoption can be increased in Afghanistan. It will be split into three parts, that sum up to roughly 15-30 pages.

Funding needed: 15 XMR
ETA: 4-8 weeks


If the CCS proposal makes it to funding, Meena, a pseudonymous remote freelancer that is currently residing in Afghanistan, will help spirobel write this paper.

spirobel has previously won a bounty after creating a Monero tutorial video3.

You can post your comments and support this proposal on Gitlab in !2822.

Update 22/7/30: proposal closed for staleness with negative engagement ratio4; issue was discussed in today’s -community meeting5.

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