25 Nov 2022 | Updated 26 Nov 2022 [services]

spirobel open sources Monero Discourse Subscriptions plugin code

spirobel1 has open sourced2 the code for his Monero Discourse Subscriptions plugin3, which gives users access to private Discourse groups and categories for Monero payments:

[..] there are no content restrictions if you selfhost [..] So it could be Patreon, OnlyFans or a Math course.4

Watch the short demo video5 and read the deployment instructions6 to learn more about this software.

The plugin can be tested on forum.monerochan.news7.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: spirobel announced Monerochan Merchant RPC8, which was created as part of the Monero Discourse Subscriptions plugin.

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