30 May 2022 | Updated 26 Jul 2022 [mining]

shermand100 announces new PiNodeXMR v5 release with P2Pool support

shermand1001 has announced2 the new PiNodeXMR3 v5 release, which comes with support for P2Pool:

The closest thing to a Monero OS for single board computers. [..] Not just for Raspberry Pi. Run your own Full or pruned node on a low power 24/7 device and spend Monero privately on your own node that you can trust.


Full list of changes is available on Github4.

To learn more about the project, consult the project’s code repository5.

Update 22/7/26: PiNodeXMR v5 disk images out now with Monero v0.18.0.06.

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