27 May 2022 [guides]

Sethforprivacy shares thorough guide on accepting Monero via BTCPay Server

Sethforprivacy1 has shared a thorough guide2 on accepting Monero via BTCPay Server3:

Would love any feedback you all have on it, and hopefully will help onboard more merchants to Monero!4

Table of contents

Recommended hardware
Why use BTCPay Server to accept Monero?
Initial Hardening via UFW
Get a domain for your instance
Prepare for installing BTCPay Server
Configuring BTCPay Server with Monero support
Configuring and installing BTCPay Server
Create an account and a store
Setup your Bitcoin and Monero wallets
    Configure the Bitcoin wallet of choice
    Create a view-only Monero wallet via Feather Wallet
    Add the view-only wallet to BTCPay Server
Using your BTCPay Server instance
Contributing to Monero support in BTCPay Server

Note that this is a Docker5/Docker Compose6 guide and it uses the btcpayserver-docker7 repository.

You can test Seth’s BTCPay Server instance by donating XMR via the Pay with BTCPAY button on the About8 page.

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