18 Dec 2021 [culture] [bounties]

Sethforprivacy shares informative 'Dispelling Monero FUD' blog post

Sethforprivacy1 has shared an informative blog post titled Dispelling Monero FUD2:

[..] I decided to sit down and hash out a blog post that walks through each of the main points of FUD used against Monero (both honestly and maliciously) and breaks them down with a response and detailed resources for more reading on each one.3

The post addresses various issues, such as Monero audits, infinite supply, scalability, hard forks and mining centralization, adoption, XMR on KYC-regulated exchanges and layer 2 support.

Each section includes links to relevant and useful resources. Armed with this information, anyone can defend the project by dispelling some of the most prevalent myths that are currently surrounding Monero.

To support Sethforprivacy you can donate XMR to the address listed on the About4 page. You can also propose suggestions and edits for this post by contacting the author5.

There’s also a new bounty associated with this topic, that was posted by vdo on Monero.Social6:

Create a visual and explanatory video giving answers to common FUD and misconceptions about Monero, such as the infinite supply, the auditability, etc.

A 10 minute (maximum) video should be enough to explain all those points.

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