8 Nov 2022 | Updated 17 Nov 2022 [calendar] [events]

First Seraphis Wallet Workgroup weekly meeting scheduled for 14 November 2022 1800 UTC

The first Seraphis Wallet Workgroup1 weekly meeting is scheduled2 to take place on Monday, November 14 2022 at 18:00 UTC:

On Monday, November 14, we start with regular weekly meetings of the Seraphis wallet workgroup, and all interested parties from the community that want to join.

The meeting should take place in the #no-wallet-left-behind3 IRC/Libera room and #no-wallet-left-behind-2:haveno.network4 bridged Matrix room.

Agenda overview

To view the full list of discussion topics and propose agenda items, visit MRL meta issue#7512.

Consult the project’s wiki7 page to learn more about Seraphis, Jamtis, and wallet3.

Update 22/11/14: meeting logs available8.

Update 22/11/17: meeting summary available9; added new Matrix room4.

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