12 Jan 2022 | Updated 19 Jan 2022 [CCS]

selsta submits CCS proposal for 3 more months of Monero dev work until mid-March

Monero contributor selsta1 has submitted a new CCS proposal2 to continue working part-time on Monero development for 3 more months, until mid-March:

Work for 30 hours per week over the next 3 months (from mid-January to mid-March) [..]

If funded I will provide monthly updates in the CCS comment section.

He plans to focus on preparing the next network update, multisig fixes, testing and reviewing PR’s and other smaller dev work on the CLI and GUI.

selsta has contributed over 500 merged commits to both the CLI3 and GUI4 codebases since 2018.

Total funding needed: 95 XMR (EUR 45/hr * 30 hrs/week * 3 months).

ETA: mid-March 2022 (3 milestones).

You can post your comments and support this proposal on Gitlab in !2792.

Update: proposal moved to funding5.

  1. https://github.com/selsta 

  2. https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/ccs-proposals/-/merge_requests/279  2

  3. https://github.com/monero-project/monero/pulls?q=is%3Apr+author%3Aselsta 

  4. https://github.com/monero-project/monero-gui/pulls?q=is%3Apr+author%3Aselsta 

  5. /selsta-ccs-proposal-january-march-2022-funding