24 Nov 2021 | Updated 25 Nov 2021 [dev]

Self-replicating Monero nodes on the horizon with I2P torrenting

Self-replicating Monero nodes are on the horizon, as the community restarts discussions to implement I2P1 torrenting capabilities into the Monero core software:

Now that we have reproducible builds, we should work towards distributing this critical software in a decentralized way.

carrington18592 elaborates3:

By giving monerod the capability to seed the source code and/or compiled software, Monero nodes will become self-replicating and the Monero network will become more resilient.

Integrated torrenting capabilities could also serve as an update mechanism for the core software.

A torrent-based distribution and update system would have other benefits as well:

I2P admin eyedeekay4 looks ready to get involved with the development:

[..] I can help with this next month after the I2P release but it looks like there is still some UI/UX/Design decisions to make [..] How prepared are you guys for a PR to accomplish this?56

You can join the discussion on Github in meta issue #6343.

Update: clarification, thanks to carrington (CDN is paid by Tari, not the GF; website general server costs the GF 2K/mo).

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