13 Nov 2022 | Updated 14 Nov 2022 [services] [mining]

sech1 starts hosting new Monero blockchain explorer

sech11 has started hosting a new Monero blockchain explorer at p2pool.io/explorer2:

In light of xmrchain.net being down for a while recently, I’ve spun up a block explorer [..] It will be running as a backup explorer for everyone in case xmrchain.net is down again, and as a main explorer for p2pool.io itself.3

The popular xmrchain.net4 explorer is still offline at the moment, but it won’t be down permanently, according to gingeropolous5, the server co-admin. The community is speculating6 that the downtime might be connected to Hetzner’s anti-crypto policies.

sech1 urges projects in the Monero ecosystem to make use of the onion-monero-blockchain-explorer open source software and start hosting more blockchain explorer instances:

[..] it’s really easy to have your own explorer instance and be independent of 3rd party outages [..]

A hidden service for the new P2Pool Monero block explorer will be available tomorrow7.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: P2Pool Monero onion block explorer deployed8; xmrchain.net is back online.

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