10 Nov 2022 [community]

[ANN] Please help the people of Iran

Hi, my name is Sara. I live in Iran. If you have seen the news of the past few days, you know what the situation is like in Iran… The government kills protestors… rapes girls and the censorship is so severe that almost no VPN connects… Online surveillance in Iran is very intense and now it has become much worse. And technical and non-technical people are arrested and imprisoned or executed in case of mistake.

I need a domain and server to teach people the following: how to use Monero (buy domain, VPN, server), how to use Tor, how to use Tails and Whonix, Secure methods of communication such as PGP and Xmpp, how use Linux, how use ublock origin

15 euros for register domain, 60 euros for 6 month server rent, $20 for virtual number. If you can help, you will do me and the people of Iran a great favor… Thank you for your kindness.

XMR: 87hbhz1DTMM5Q2FSotV6DGgtKrCj7zCozCcjeHeX4EpP38q9SyRJYNseB3iFJ8JPKqaUgzBxw4fgqVzUGshjsTtjUkPWcEs

Author: Sara

Contact: n/a


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