23 Feb 2022 [research]

Rucknium and plowsof set up Moneroresearch.info to store Monero-related research papers

Monero contributors Rucknium1 and plowsof2 have set up a WIKINDX3 instance at Moneroresearch.info4 that will store Monero-related research papers:

It’s a place to collect Monero-related papers and annotate them. My hope is that it can help onboard new researchers and help us establish a workflow for reviewing new papers that are written about Monero.5

Tor users can opt to access the onion6 address of the website.

While anyone can browse existing papers, only registered users can create new entries, edit existing entries and add annotations.

Registration is currently disabled, but you can contact Rucknium on Matrix7 if you are interested in registering an account.

  1. https://github.com/Rucknium 

  2. https://github.com/plowsof 

  3. https://wikindx.sourceforge.io/web/trunk/ 

  4. https://moneroresearch.info/ 

  5. https://libera.monerologs.net/monero-research-lab/20220223#c73434 

  6. http://clszzn47y57uwkrgnfc7wllalvodopzqrp4spb6zbz2t3ulxngcfqsad.onion/ 

  7. https://matrix.to/#/@rucknium:monero.social