10 Mar 2023 [mining] [research]

Rucknium: 'Monero transaction confirmations are now 60 seconds faster'

Rucknium1 has confirmed2 that most centralized mining pool operators responded positively to his January 19th research3 and XMR transaction confirmations are now 60 seconds faster:

The average time that a Monero transaction has to wait for its first confirmation has fallen from 3.5 minutes to 2.5 minutes. That’s a full minute improvement in less than two months!

Pool updates

* Config changed:
- HashVault & MoneroOcean: January 20 (~24 hours)
- SupportXMR: January 24th (5 days)
- Nanopool: February 1st (13 days)
* Unknown:
- xmrpool.eu
* Config NOT changed:
- c3pool & 2miners

ofrnxmr4 and ACK-J5 also took part in this joint effort by helping contact pools and asking them to change their default configurations.

DataHoarder6 contributed code to gather mined block data from centralized mining pools, while plowsof7 and the MRL’s research computing server8 contributed computing resources for mempool data gathering.

To learn more about this story, read the previous Monero Observer report9, and join the discussion thread10.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

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