11 Dec 2021 [mining]

RogueMaven shares spec for Tails-like 'Monero Ilaro' Linux OS

RogueMaven1 has shared2 the spec document for Tails3-like Monero Ilaro4 Linux OS:

The ability to plug a USB stick into any computer and temporarily turn it into an XMR miner, p2pool node, and/or monero blockchain node. A simple reboot and the computer is returned back to normal. Essential applications for using Monero will be included in this toolkit (Ilaro).

According to the dev, Monero Ilaro is ready now:

I’m currently using it in my own rig setup.

All features described in the GitHub spec document are functional and have been tested on many different types of computers.

Here are my notes for this project (collected from ANN thread3 & repo README4):

RogueMaven has expressed some interest in opening up a CCS proposal for this project.

To share your feedback, read the origin story, the technical summary and maybe donate some XMR, visit Reddit2 and Github4.

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  3. https://tails.boum.org/install/index.en.html  2

  4. https://github.com/RogueMaven/monero-ilaro-spec  2 3