2 Jan 2022 | Updated 4 Feb 2022 [culture]

'Revuo Monero' weekly publication makes comeback with Issue #101 after 7 month hiatus

The popular Revuo Monero1 weekly publication has made a comeback with Issue #1012 after a 7-month hiatus:

Revuo Monero is Back! Issue 101. Happy new year everyone!3

According to rottenwheel4, the new publication editor, we can expect a new issue every Sunday:

Publication will be on a weekly basis, every Sunday. It will not be on rehrar’s time, nor Monero Core Team dime. You will get to know who I have partnered with in a couple days.5

To support Revuo Monero, you can contribute XMR to the address listed in the footer of each issue. Suggestions and comments can be sent directly to rottenwheel via email6.

Update: new email address7.

  1. https://localmonero.co/revuo 

  2. https://localmonero.co/revuo/weekly/101 

  3. https://libredd.it/r/Monero/comments/rtztap/ 

  4. https://nitter.net/rottenwheel 

  5. https://nitter.net/rottenwheel/status/1476967189118922757#m 

  6. rottenwheel@ctemplar.com 

  7. rotten@revuo-xmr.com