18 Apr 2022 [culture]

reemuru's 'This Year in Monero - 2022' post deployed to Getmonero.org blog

reemuru1’s This Year in Monero - 2022 post2 was recently merged3 by binaryFate4 and is now live on the official Getmonero.org blog5:

As a way to celebrate and show the growth that has happened for Monero across the past year on this, the 8th anniversary of the Monero project, I wanted to take a snapshot of statistics and social media posts to highlight this growth.

Several topics are covered, including transactions, blockchain growth, emissions, fees, mining, social metrics, CCS campaigns and major network upgrades.

The article has been approved after being reviewed by erciccione6 and sethforprivacy7.

The blog post was apparently sponsored8 by sethforprivacy.

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