2 Feb 2023 [culture] [dev]

rbrunner7's 'Developer Opportunities at the Monero Project' post deployed to Getmonero.org blog

rbrunner71’s Developer Opportunities at the Monero Project post2 was recently merged3 by binaryFate4 and is now live on the official Getmonero.org blog5:

[..] Where else can you make a difference for a multi-billion-dollar venture that may become important in the future and make a difference, whoever you are, from wherever you are, regardless of education, only based on your knowledge and your willingness to make useful contributions?


Project Background
Seraphis and Jamtis
Financial Matters

According to rbrunner7, the text is designed as self-contained and tries to address devs that don’t know yet about Monero “in one go”.

The article has been approved after being reviewed by plowsof6 and erciccione7.

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