4 Nov 2021 [merchants]

Radiant-Grab3640 looking to spend centineros on game codes

Radiant-Grab36401 is looking to spend centineros (up to 0.044 XMR) on game codes, gold, subscriptions or TF2 currency:

Since I can’t cash out small amounts of monero I am willing to overpay to buy runescape bonds/subscribtion/gold, tf2 currency or a game pass ultimate code (preferably)

I’m open to other deals but 0.044 xmr is the most I could pay.

Read the r/moneromarket thread2 and do your own research before engaging in any trade.

  1. https://libreddit.de/user/Radiant-Grab3640 

  2. https://libreddit.de/r/moneromarket/comments/qmjs02