6 Jul 2022 | Updated 7 Jul 2022 [culture]

'Monero is better than Zcash', according to DarkFi's Rachel-Rose O'Leary

DarkFi1 dev Rachel-Rose O’Leary2 has stated that Monero is better than Zcash in an interview with Justin Murphy on Zero-Knowledge Crypto-Anarchy3:

I would say that Monero is better than Zcash insofar as it has a genuinely grassroots community and it has a lot of support on the darknet markets and just in general I think it has more transactions per day than Zcash [..] (13:03)

Rachel-Rose was also a MoneroTopia guest and speaker a few months ago (Ep. 564, XMR4ALL5).

Update 22/7/7: added link to video recording from XMR4ALL event.