25 Aug 2022 [services]

ProxyStore announces new anonymous printing service that accepts XMR payments

ProxyStore1 has announced2 a new anonymous printing service (clearnet3/onion4), that accepts XMR payments:

Print stickers, flyers, posters and much more comfortably, data-saving or anonymously. Pay with cash, #Monero or #Bitcoin [..] Pick up in our store in Leipzig-Connewitz or EU-wide shipping.

Note that the website is currently only available in German.

Monero is also accepted in ProxyStore’s Digital Goods shop5, online and local stores67, and for their Order Service8.

  1. https://proxysto.re/ 

  2. https://libredd.it/wxeg8l 

  3. https://druck.proxysto.re/ 

  4. http://print5cxveagitd3cbl3pakcjupk5jwgtpwa35uowhtzlmcqbibmsnyd.onion/ 

  5. https://digitalgoods.proxysto.re/ 

  6. https://shop.proxysto.re/ 

  7. https://proxysto.re/en/ladensortiment.html 

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